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We continue to monitor the latest updates about the global COVID-19 outbreak and are taking actions to safeguard our team and customers. Unfortunately, our usual Millenimals Crochet Kits will not be available until we are able to fulfill orders. As crochet materials are considered "non-essential", we appreciate your patience, as it will take time for us to get our supplies back in stock to make kits.

However, don't let that stop you from crafting! We have a special PDF pattern download of our latest character, Corona Viper, created specifically to benefit hospital workers and generate donations for medical supplies. Want the pattern? Here's all your need to do: Make a donation to (at least $5 please!), send us a screenshot with proof of your donation to, and we'll send you the exclusive pattern via e-mail! How's that for social distancing? By donating to GetUSPPE, you are helping medical professionals do their important work on the frontlines of this pandemic, and also get a cool crochet pattern to help you stay busy during quarantine times.

Learn more about Corona Viper -- the panic-striken, toilet paper hoarding, snake -- and support a great cause today with your donation to GetUSPPE. Use #CoronaViper on Instagram and Twitter to show us how you made your Corona Viper! Corona Viper can be made out of any worsted weight yarn you have on hand, so be creative and make it your own! 

We hope everyone is staying healthy during this pandemic and that we can get back to normal operations soon. 


Self-described young artists trying to make it in a boomer world, they are the Millenimals™. At the forefront of the hottest trends and about to inherit a world on fire, the Millenimals™ are a new generation of critter trying to live their truth without being crushed by their student loan debt. They are into DIY projects, environmentalism, and lean pretty far left. They flock to locally run businesses as they are universally blamed for ruining every large corporate staple the previous generations hold dear (sorry not sorry, private golf courses and family dining).


Say hello to the Millenimals™!


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