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As her name might imply, Anglophilly loves all things British, as all Anglophiles do. She loves the BBC, has a bachelors in English literature (an MFA in graphic design because practicality won), drinks a profound amount of tea, and has very strong opinions about the goings on in Doctor Who. She is incredibly sweet, good natured, and a bit of an introvert. She likes being with people, but in small groups. If she has the option, she’d much rather be sitting in a cafe reading than pretty much 
anything else. A bit absent-minded, she loses her phone in her apartment or on her person about as much as she loses herself in Jane Austen or Douglas Adams. She’s an odd one that has a goofy sense of humor and a laid back way about her that puts people at ease about as much as it confuses them. But one thing is always for sure, she always knows where her towel is.

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