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Doctorly Advice

“‘Doctor Who’? Really? That’s a switch. We’ve been trying to get you to watch that forever.” “And now that tireless nagging is finally starting to set in. So, can I borrow a few seasons? I can probably knock out the series before the end of the week.” “Uhm... you’re aware of how long it is, right?” Happily home for the evening, Beerver is fixing dinner. Bropossum is over, with his customary case of Bud. “Remember, you gotta take that with you when you go.” Beerver lifts an ey

Morning Thoughts with Beerver

Early morning commute. It’s nice out today. No more rain. Though, like everyone in the bay, Beerver has mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it’s always nice to have a clear day, but on the other, the serious lack of rainfall has major implications for the environment in California. If you haven’t heard, the entire state has been on fire. For like 3 years. So, it’s nice out, but Beerver is having trouble not worrying that that was all the winter rain they are going to ge

Lunch Hour in the Bay

ObSquirrel and Beerver meet up for lunch near City Hall in San Francisco since it’s a good half-way mark between the Boarfield, where ObSquirrel is a sound engineer, and the Forager Bistro in Hayes Valley where Beerver works as a chef (brewing is not his *only* talent in the kitchen, if he does say so himself). They decide to head to the Herbivore near Civic Center for sandwiches. ObSquirrel was out late again last night at a show, Beerver can’t remember what the band was cal

Beerver Stands Alone

Beerver’s feeling lonely this week. His girl, Kalegaroo, and some of his other Millenimal buddies are still in Santa Fe enjoying the southwest for a couple weeks with BroadStitch before they head back to the Bay. He’s been texting with them but it’s not the same as having them around. On a gloomy day like today, he misses taking his commute with K and going to Moostache’s cafe to chill on his lunch break. Man, he’s hoping those two don’t kill eachother. Mooz may not think it,

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