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Bropossum! His beer is cheap, his motto is #YOLO, and he is oh so endearingly basic. He is Kalegaroo’s distant American cousin who she loves but makes her facepalm on a regular basis. They were close as kids but now every time they’re together she always calls him a “muggle” or a “normie” which annoys him because she refuses to tell him what it means. She just always says “ugh! Read a book, why don’t you?!” And walks away. But for all of his basic bro tendancies, he has a good heart. He isn’t woke, he’s painfully unaware and is a little bit of a man-child but is always there when you need him. He’s the guy who will help you move, he’s the guy who always brings the red solo cups for beer pong and he’s the guy who can be surprisingly insightful when no one is looking. But that’s what you get growing up  with a single mom in the ‘90s and 7 sisters: an overactive male ego with a hidden sensitive side. Bropossum: a study of contradictions wrapped up in a polo shirt that you just can’t help but love.

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