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Folsom Street Bear

He’s a laid back Leather Daddy enjoying a life in the Bay. Though he loves to travel and jumps at any
opportunity to walk around New York or hop countries in Europe, his world is very San Francisco.
He lives in the Folsom area, sharing a loft with his  
friend, BeeDSM, near the Armory. She’s on a 3 day Shibari retreat in Tahoe, so tonight he’s going out stag and looking to meet some new friends. When he leaves for work as a web developer every day, he likes to say he’s “Clark Kenting it” in his designer 
jeans, fitted button down, and modern oxfords but in his private life, he’s a leather clad Papa Bear. Don’t be shy, Cubs, come have a drink with F.S.B.

folsom street bear.jpg
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