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If there’s any Millenimal with a completely unclouded aura, it’s Kalegaroo. She shops at organic grocery stores and hops on every healthy eating trend that passes her way. Although, she has picked up this totally unhealthy pumpkin spice latte habit from her bestie, B.B., but just rolls her eyes and ignores anyone giving her a hard time about it (usually Moostache). All she will say is that as long as she brings her own reusable ceramic cup and doesn’t get a straw, she’s still in the green compared to some people still using paper cups (and glares pointedly at Moostache). Kalegaroo’s super into Kale right now, and unless you want her to recite to you all the healthy benefits of kale and every way to mask the taste in a gluten-free, organic, unbelievably expensive recipe until you actually start to sprout, just go ahead and change yoga studios now. Honestly, we’re just all glad she’s gotten over her raw food thing and left the juicer behind. Thank goodness for small favors!

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