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Moostache is very into retro and old-timey, like mustache wax and the penny farthing bicycle. He is a Barista in a trendy coffee shop and has an extensive collection of rad vintage coffee pots and makers from all eras. He is a firm believer in the French press as the superior coffee tool and has very particular views on the coffee he makes with it. He is not the kind of barista doodling leaves in your latte, he has been trained to do that, he just won’t on principle. He believes firmly that a good cup of coffee should need nothing but itself to be appreciated; those who need sugar and milk are either committing sacrilege, don’t know what good coffee is supposed to taste like, or have been using inferior beans and wouldn’t know good coffee if it bit them in the.... anyway! Just do everyone in line behind you a favor and don’t ask for anything that has the syllable “cino” on the end, or we’ll be here all week listening to the rant.

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