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ObSquirrel is into music. But not like other people are into music, like *really* music. He likes getting into obscure bands and finding the newest tunes in the strangest places, wanting to be in on the ground level of up and coming sounds. Every band he loves “you’ve probably never heard of.” He’s always the one who heard it first but with no personal musical talent. All that being said, ObSquirrel's playlists on spotify are legendary and always knows where the best shows are. So he has the ear to back it up, but his friends are always trying to pop his pretentious bubble. He can talk about anything else like a normal critter, but when the subject of music comes up and he gets that tone, they all roll their eyes and groan. He’s definitely not a vinyl purist, but he has a few friends that are. He can see what they’re saying about sound quality but at that point, just go see a live show. He knows of a really good one going on tonight, but it’s really obscure and experimental, you probably wouldn’t be into it.

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