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Pola Bar 2.jpg

This is Pola-Bear. Don’t worry, he’s never going to ask you to say cheese. I mean, he takes photos of his friends posing together on vacations and birthdays, but he lives the life of an instant photographer. He wants to capture the moment in the most natural way. Unrehearsed. Pola-Bear found this vintage instant camera in a thrift shop a year ago and he’s been a shutterbug ever since. “It’s from, like, the early 90’s or something.” Pola-Bear loves a good thrift shop, consignment store, salvage yard, goodwill, secondhand, or pawnshop. He likes to buy a retro bowling shirt every time he visits one, never mind that he’s never set foot in a bowling alley a day in his life. He just likes the way they look and every time one of his friends (especially Beerver) gives him a hard time about it, he just shrugs and says “yeah, but it only costs me $3 to look this good.” As Beerver mutters to himself “yeah, and I bet it costs you $40 just for one pack of film to put in that friggin’ camera.”

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