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A Millenimal New Year

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

For New Years, I want to have a brief glimpse into some of the preparations for the night ahead! Tell us, Millenimals, how will you be ringing in 2019?


----- The Polyamordillos Start Their Year Unified -----

We love New Years! We really make a night of it! We have the whole night and morning planned out in advance, so everyone gets to do something they enjoy and want to share with the other two and then we all go home and cozy up right before midnight so we’re not handling crazy drivers and too much madness.

Tonight, we’re getting all dolled up, going to a nice dinner, then we go to K and Beerver’s party until about 11, then we go home to ring in the new year just us three. We usually go to New Year’s hangover brunch the next day with everyone from the party the night before and play witness to the bedraggled state of our friends after too much partying. It’s the best of all worlds!


----- A New Year, a New Gripe ------

A Moosetache Blog

2019. like anyone cares after the ball drops…

New Year’s Eve is probably the greatest disappointment of all the holidays.

Oh sure, there’s all the sparkly decorations and booze flowing. If you treat it like a normal party, it can be quite enjoyable. My problem is with the count down.

I start every year this way.

There's that moment everyone realizes no one has been watching the time:

how close is midnight?

Someone get a clock with a second hand!

Isn’t there a countdown app on your phone?

They make that?

Yeah, I'll download it.

Oh, shit you guys! 30 seconds!

Wait what?!

12, 11, 10, 9, 8...

Quick get the champagne!

4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The ball drops.

Those first minutes of the next year are always the most deflating. You get all riled up and then nothing happens. Everyone around you is hugging and kissing, and you’re just standing there going “but nothing happened… nothing changed.” You watch all this affection between friends and lovers, and there you are, the start of a new year… holding your beer, wondering why you left your apartment.


----- Beerver Happily Shrugs in the New Year. -----

New Years is fun. I mean, it’s not as fun as Halloween, not as romantic a valentine’s day, not as much work as Christmas, but it’s fun.

K likes to host a party at our house every year. She gets all these sparkly decorations and spends all day making all these really healthy but tasty finger foods and stuff. She really loves it. And I like the party that comes with it. It’s fun to have over all our friends. Especially because it means I don’t have to drive anywhere *and* I don’t have to go anywhere where I don’t like the beer or the music. Another big plus is being stumbling distance to my own bed. Big fan of that.

Also, we start the year with a nice clean home. K likes the house really really spotless for company, so we spend the last couple days of December getting the house ready for the party. I mean, sure, parties always produce a little mess, but all our friends are adults and clean up after themselves so putting the house back to normal is a really painless process. So, in the end, on New Year’s Day, our house is like really nice and clean.

Sure, it’s a lot of work, but I enjoy the results. I get to start the New Year off right.


----- Mana and the Ever Turning Wheel. -----

New year’s is always a time of adventure. I don’t make any concrete plans, just let the night take me where it may.

Like last year, I went out for a drink in the Mission around 8, met some amazing mammals, took some fun *party favors* with a door guy at Kittie’s Bar and ended up watching the sunrise on some dude's boat and eating peanut butter cookies with this awesome crazy bird… I think her name was Specialty Cockatiel…? She was a bartender in Oakland… or was it a Bart driver in Richmond….?

But yeah, New Years is always full of unexpected surprises if you’re open to it and let the universe guide you…


----- Bropossum and ObSquirrel Blow it Up. -----

If there’s a party, we are so there!! The louder the better baby!!

Then the next day we go to Bro’s cousins place 'cause she’s always got plenty of food.

WOO HOO 2019 BABY!!! YEAH!!!


Everybody’s got their favorite way to welcome the new year! Have fun Millenimals! Be safe out there!

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