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Beerver Stands Alone

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Beerver’s feeling lonely this week. His girl, Kalegaroo, and some of his other Millenimal buddies are still in Santa Fe enjoying the southwest for a couple weeks with BroadStitch before they head back to the Bay. He’s been texting with them but it’s not the same as having them around. On a gloomy day like today, he misses taking his commute with K and going to Moostache’s cafe to chill on his lunch break.

Man, he’s hoping those two don’t kill eachother. Mooz may not think it, but dont let the yoga pants fool you, K can be pretty scrappy. Beerver has no doubt that if Mooz pushes her too far, she’ll probably kick him hard enough to break his neck and just leave him in the desert somewhere... and he’d still probably find a way to get the last snide word before she smashed his head in with a rock.

Wow... that got dark really quickly. “I’ve been spending too much time by myself...” he thinks and decides to text ObSquirrel to see if he wants to get lunch later.

Everyone will be home soon...

Hopefully Pola-Bear’s relaxed nature will keep the other two from ripping eachother to shreds...... Hopefully....

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