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M: what are we reallydoing in a sports bar while everybody’s out exploring?

B: I just wanted to check this place out, take a rest for a little bit

M: fair enough, but I’m not really a sports bar person

B: I know

M: food’s good though---

B: ---K is looking for apartments…

M: in Boston?

B: yeah

M: ah. There it is.

B: what?

M: why we’re really here. You wanted to freak out, but you can’t in front of everyone else.

B: I’m not freaking out

M: then what’s with the sports bar?

B: I just wanted some wings ok?!

M: and to freak out

B: ok fine! And to freak out!

M: there ya go

B: it’s just moving so fast! We’ve like barely talked abut this!

M: you mean the last couple months of planning and her applying to grad school wasn’t you guys talking about it? Cause, honestly, I’m kinda sick of hearing about it at this point, so if it’s going to pick up from here, I’m gonna---

B: ---Mooz! Can you not be a dick for like five fucking minutes? Please. This is a lot for me.

M: alright, alright, don’t get your tail in a twist. What’s really bothering you about this?

B: I dunno, it just feels like this was an idea we had and now its like happening

M: but you were into it

B: yeah, I was, I mean, I am. Boston’s great, but it’s a lot you know? Moving across the country to somewhere I’ve never lived before, really far from my friends and starting over. I’m like, totally not prepared

M: well you’re not leaving till July, you've got time to get ready

B: get ready to be alone? Not know anybody? Not have friends to go out and drink with and chill and shoot the shit with?

M: what about Kalegaroo?

B: well, of course, I’ll have K, but she’ll be starting school and making her own friends. And I don’t know what nutritionist grad students talk about, let alone what they drink. What am I supposed to do, Mooz?

M: well it sounds to me like you’re pretty fucked.

B: dude, so not helping

M: hahahaha! Yeah, yeah, I get it. ooOOookay, look, if Kalegaroo’s new lettuce-headed friends are really all that bad and you need to go do your own thing or whatever, you can always come to my place and raid my fridge.

B: wait, what are you talking about?

M: *tosses a set of keys on the bar* leased a place this morning while all you princesses were still workin' on your beauty sleep. Got myself a pretty big one bed here in Allston

B: you’re fucking shitting me

M: nope! I’m movin' to Boston. Wouldn’t be surprised if the rest followed suit. SF is just too damn expensive, man.

B: holy shit, that’s fantastic!


M: aaaaand that’s enough *releases man-hug*

B: hahaha this is great! I gotta tell K!

M: she knows already, helped me find the place. She’s really a wiz with the craigslist, even if there’s a little too much commentary about my taste in rentals.

B: she helped you?

M: “helped” is the word I’m choosing to use at the moment. It would be more accurate to say that I used her nagging nature as a weapon against brokers inclined to screw around and show me shitty places.

B: hahaha yeah, you would see it that way.

M: thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

B: well, this is awesome! It’s good to know that I’ll have a friend to go through this with.

M: ah, yes, kind of.

B: what?

M: well, don’t forget, I’ll be moving at the same time as you

B: yeah, caught that

M: so, I’m just sayin': I’m not helping you move

B: fair enough

*bottle clink*

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