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Friends Don’t Let Friends Fly Under-Caffeinated

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Travel snafu’s and flights being delayed over and over after a full work day has all the Millenimals in quite the cranky mood.

Moosetache and Beerver arguing over the best public transit route to the airport, Bropossum trying to step in and handle the situation but since he’s the youngest and everybody’s ‘little brother’, his interference is not appreciated and just seems to exacerbate it.

When they finally got to airport, getting through security with everybody’s stuff is a nightmare. Especially Obsquirrel with his tablet, laptop, phone, iPod (who has a separate iPod anymore?), e-reader, headphones, the list goes on! Watching him unload at the checkpoint is like watching an electronics store turn itself inside out.

Then the strangely quiet and tense argument on the plane between the Polyamordillos about who sat window, middle, and aisle was just unsettling. Lots of ‘I’ statements, feelings being expressed, someone whispering something about triggering? It was a very uncomfortable (and silent) hour and 15 minute trip after that.

But they finally got through their first leg and are now waiting for their connecting flight. Kalegaroo finally washed her hands of all of them and is sitting separately swiping though Pigterest. Probably with a little more gusto than a swipe really needs... Moostache snapped at her when she suggested heading to the airport Stag’s Coffee for a mocha to cheer everyone up. Those two fight so much, it’s amazing they’re friends at all.

Internet Warbler is frustrated with everyone and is skimming through Ribbit to see if he can find someone to argue with on the internet so he doesn’t get into even more tense arguments with everyone directly near him.

Pola-Bear has stepped away to take pictures of the planes coming and going out the window.

And then there’s Mana, oblivious and just along for the ride like the laid back free spirit she is. Laid out across the seats of the gate, twirling her dreads and day dreaming. Seemingly at peace with everything around her. She probably took an edible on the flight...

The others are waiting in Santa Fe, having taken an earlier flight. Everyone here is thinking the same thing, why is traveling with your friends always sooooo—

“Ok! Traveling sucks. Who wants coffee?” Beerver stands, checking for phone and wallet, “I’m buyin’.”

A chorus of “Me!” “Me too!” “Yes please” “Tea for me!” meets his announcement.

“Mooz, gimme a hand?”

Moostache stands with a sigh, “yeah, I’m with ya.”

Beerver kisses Kalegaroo’s cheek as he passes her. Her swiping slows a little.

When the guys return, laden with hot beverages, Beerver begins passing out everyone’s orders. Moosetache sheepishly hands Kalegaroo a caramel mocha concoction with more sugar than anyone ought to consume in one sitting. He makes no comment. She smiles a little and takes a sip.

Spirits lifted, the gang relaxes into usual patterns, chittering and chattering, talking about the trip and who they’ll see on the other end. Balance is restored.

Pola-Bear snaps a picture...

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