Happily Reunited

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Someone is so happy to be home just in time for Christmas.

Happily reunited, Beerver and Kalegaroo decorate their tree and enjoy the comfortable glow of religious commercialism. Never mind that one is a self-described humanist and the other "an open minded spiritualist" (3 guesses which is which).

If asked why they celebrate Christmas, Kalegaroo would tell you "you know, regardless of the religious affiliation (and appropriation, because don't even get me started on the Christian takeover of pagan traditions), it's nice to have a day that's just about being good to others, spending time with family, and making your world beautiful. I may have some misgivings, but those core things can't be overlooked. So, I celebrate a non-denominational winter solstice, which includes a tree."

And Beerver responds "I dunno, habit?"

Merry Christmas?