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Morning Thoughts with Beerver

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Early morning commute. It’s nice out today. No more rain. Though, like everyone in the bay, Beerver has mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it’s always nice to have a clear day, but on the other, the serious lack of rainfall has major implications for the environment in California. If you haven’t heard, the entire state has been on fire. For like 3 years. So, it’s nice out, but Beerver is having trouble not worrying that that was all the winter rain they are going to get.

The whole week is off by one day. Tuesday felt like a Wednesday, Wednesday felt like a Thursday, and now that Thursday is finally here it feels like the week should be ending. Beerver thinks this may be why he thought Kalegaroo was coming home today when actually she arrives Friday. His week is all screwy.

Bropossum is coming by later. Says he wants to borrow something. K gives that boy too much shit. They’re cousins but she kinda acts like he’s her annoying little brother.

Beerver likes Bropossum. He’s a little immature, sure, but he isn’t complicated and is easy to hang with. His taste in beer is absolutely a tragedy, but Beerver is hoping to teach him the finer points over time.

“Huh.” Something occurs to Beerver, “He didn’t say what he wanted to borrow...”

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