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The Millenimals Fall for Boston

Mooz: Holy fuck shit Jesus it is fucking cold. It is seven goddamn degrees.

The Millenimals are walking the streets of Boston, exploring the Back Bay.

Beerver: yeah, the news said something about an “arctic vortex?”

Kalegaroo: that’s supposed to be hitting the Midwest

M: which is right next door to the east coast, where Boston lives.

K: yeah, yeah, you’ll live. Aren’t you from the snowy white tundra?

M: Alaska. And no, I’m not from the tundra. But I’m assuming you’re referring to the entire state as the tundra, not realizing that Alaska has a vast and diverse landscape like any other in our country. But I’m choosing not to take your bait even though the half-hearted joke just makes you look uninformed and----

B: -----can you guys just not today? It’s cold, we’re all feeling it, let’s just move on.

The whole gang has had such a blast, though maybe not at this *exact* moment. Kalegaroo got into a grad program for nutrition at Boston University (surprising no one) and Beerver is relocating with her this summer. Everybody decided to tag along on their apartment scouting mission to see the sights of Boston and check out where their friends are going to be living. You know: eat the food, meet the people, experience the weather. It seems like everyones been on their own scouting mission this week.

ObSquirrel and Mooz went out and did some bar hopping last night, catching a jazz show at Wally’s Café and then rounding out their evening with some giant beers at the Pour House.

Mana and K decided to go see about this amazing Mexican restaurant that’s all gothic-lounge style called Lolita’s. It’s walking distance from their AirBnb and they say the food is to die for. Mana especially loved the cocktails and the giant cotton candy poof that comes with your check.

Beerver has been making noise at Mooz to go check out this pub, the White Horse Tavern, in Allston while K goes to see some apartments. He doesn’t seem quite himself, but the cold is definitely permeating everybody. I’m sure he’ll rally after enough fried food and beer.

Bropossum has been helping with the apartment search. He enjoys researching neighborhoods and checking out new spaces. Although the rental market here is really different than back in the Bay. Kalegaroo was very grateful for the help but was pretty exhausted by the third day and went to a show at the Huntington Theater Company to relax. Ever since, she has made no little amount of noise about going back and even joined their 35 below club so she can see more shows in the future.

Boston really does have a little something for everybody and quite a few of the Millenimals are quietly considering following Beerver and K’s example. Even Mooz has been asking some really pointed questions about the rental market and disappeared for a fairly long while this morning before anyone else got up.

Look out Boston, you might just have a large influx of Millenimals on your hands!

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